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Jules Verne, Saint-Exupéry, Cousteau, Magellan, gothic cathedrals of medieval Europe, wrinkles of the ocean, fairytales & legends, tiger paws, sense of flight, a fear to overturn and spill a tenderness and beauty of the Blue Globe.


Perepechenova Anna (born 25 September 1988) is a Russian contemporary artist. Member of the Moscow Union of Artists.


Anna was born in diplomatic family, lived in Prague, Moscow, London, Istanbul and Florence. Wanderlust and opportunity to face and to discover foreign cultures and folklore from early childhood made her art very personal. At the same time, it`s in tune with different traditions. Anna works with themes of personal mythology, imagery & illusions, silence & inner borders in a contest of modern unban environment. She researches the influence of geography and nature on the formation of visual and ornamental traditions, pays close attention to preservation of cultural artefacts and protection of wild nature.


Anna is professional designer and illustrator. Her works are published in ELLE, Menarini, Moscow Kremlin Museums, Eksmo, Cultura.rf and others. She collaborates with mass media, publishing houses, advertising agencies, theatres and private clients all over the world as an independent artist, graphic, product, interior designer and scenographer.


2019 – .. King Sejong Center 세종학당 원광한국학교 (Moscow

2017 – 2018 MMOMA: School of Contemporary Art Contemporary artist (Moscow

20122016 Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze Grafica (Florence)

2011 2012 Accademia Riaci Interior design Master (Florence)

2010/2011 Higher Academic School of Graphic Design (Moscow)

2008 Bosphorus University Traditional Ottoman Arts (Istanbul)

2007 Central Saint Martins College  (London)

2006 2011 Lomonosov Moscow State University Journalism, Media design

2005 2006 Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute Fine Arts

2001 2006 Serov Art School n1  (Moscow)

1995 ~ 2006 Charles University Ceramics (Prague)


selected exhibitions

2020 Korea. Travel diaries solo exhibition

2020/6 Serie of solo exhibitions in Rabat-Marrakesh-Fes-Agadir (Morocco)

2019/12 MosGraf show, gallery Promgrafica (Moscow)

2019/11 Painting exhibition, W&P Gallery (Moscow)

2019/9 In my mind, Life Stars (Moscow)

2018/8 Beastiarium, Darwin Museum (Moscow)

2018/6 The society of the spectacle II, MMOMA, art-space WHITE ROOM (Moscow)

2018/5 The society of the spectacle, MMOMA, design-factory FLACON (Moscow)

2018/1  The Fresh Wind, gallery Promgrafica (Moscow

2017/12 Exhibition, MUA. Exhibition hall MUA (Moscow)

2013/5 Cliché verre, StART Point 2012/2013 ExpoAccademia (Florence)


theatre: decorations & scenography

2020/6 Ugly Duckling ballet Mohammed V National Theatre (Rabat)

2018/5 Poucette ballet Mohammed V National Theatre (Rabat)

2015/5 Casse-noisettes ballet Mohammed V National Theatre (Rabat)


selected book design

2020 Simbolism of medieval swatches in Moscow Kremlin Museums

2020 Easter in Russia XVII – XX    

2019 The process of Chrism making in Moscow Kremlin  

2016 Materials and researches #27 

2016 Materials and researches #26

2014 Materials and researches #25 

2014 Materials and researches #22 

2013 Treasures and antiquities of the Moscow Kremlin Museums 

2011 The Medici Treasure 

grants & nominations

2011 Grant, Accademia Riaci Master (Florence)

2010 Laureate di Premia Golden Maket, MSU (Moscow)

2009 Laureate di Premia Favorskyy, MSU (Moscow)

2008 Laureate di Premia Favorskyy, MSU (Moscow)

2007 Nominant di Premia Favorskyy, MSU (Moscow)



2015 Studia Antre magazine, article

2013 StARTpoint Accademia in mostra 2012/2013 catalogue

2008 EXCLUSIVE magazine, article​