Witnessees & addressees

How often do our actions become an answer to others questions and search? We pull out the sticking-out piece of a thread without suspecting, that have just untangled someone's ball of doubts. Numerous chains of events between acquaintances and strangers create electricity, a luminescence. And someone, attracted by the light, will see all the picture and will keep silent about all secrets.

I am deeply touched by the idea of unexpressed questions and invisible search between people. There is an old Scottish fairytale the Black Bull of Norroway. At some moment main characters there become invisible for each other. They keep searching, but cannot meet even being at the same place. We live in society of crowds, where everyone is single and surrounded by stranger`s marks.

The person leaves marks on sand, without knowing, who will follow it. We learn foreign languages, without knowing with whom we are fated to use them. Any our action is a mute question on which after all we hope to hear the answer. To be heard, seen, found.. How great would it be? How positive and bright people are to continue sending messages to the universe, writing of books, poems and songs, learning languages and keep searching ways to be founded.